Neighbors recount deadly shooting in El Paso's Lower Valley

Neighbors recount deadly shooting in...

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso Police are still investigating a deadly shooting that happened Saturday afternoon.

Police say a 41-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man got into an argument inside a home on the 7900 block of Saggita Saturday afternoon. Police say the woman then pulled out a gun and shot the man.

Police say the man was able to run away, but the woman began chasing him down the street, shooting at him several times.

Police the woman then chased the man into a home, the next block over, on the 7900 block of Cassiopeia. Officials say the woman then pointed the gun at the homeowner and the man. The homeowner worked to distract the woman, while the man ran away again.

Mayela Sepulveda said she's neighbors with the shooter. She was there when the incident began on the 7900 block of Saggita Ct. 

"I heard a commotion just with the neighbors and a lot of loud arguing, and then I heard a pop," Sepulveda said. "Then I saw my neighbor (the shooter) run after him, and just take a shot at him. At that point, I realized there was something going on. It felt like a movie." 

Police say after managing to run away from the home on Cassiopeia, the shooter began chasing the man yet again and then car-jacked a woman during the chase.

When a patrol car arrived on the scene, police say the man collapsed on the officer's car.

The woman got out of the car she was driving, holding a gun, and that's when the officer on the scene confronted the woman. She then shot and killed herself, right by the intersection of Yarbrough and Santa Maria.

Ernesto Lonvelin lives in the house right next where the shooting occurred. He said he went to the grocery store for ten minutes, and when he came back, police had taped off the area.

"They told me, I can't go in there. I told them I got to go to my house," Lonvelin said. "I thought somebody was hurt in my house."

Lonvelin and his wife had to spend the night at his daughter's house, because police were investigating the scene for hours.

"Man I was lucky -- lucky that nothing happened in my house," Lonvelin said.

Lonvelin has lived in that house for over 50 years. He said this is the first time there's been a shooting.

"I feel safe. This is a nice, quiet neighborhood. Nobody gets into nobody's (business)," Lonvelin said.

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