Mother arrested after son, 2, allegedly tests positive for meth

Police say mother exposed 2-year-old...

Las Cruces, N.M. - Las Cruces police arrested a 20-year-old mother Thursday after they said her 2-year-old-son tested positive for meth, according to court records.

Jasmine Duran faces one charge of child abuse for the incident, according to the records.

ABC-7's New Mexico Mobile Newsroom visited Duran's home. A family member who chose not to go on camera answered the door.

“It’s something that she got hooked on," the family member said.

In May 2017, police responded to Duran's home after her 5-month-old child fell between the bed and wall. Police say the incident began when she walked outside to "hang out" with friends. Upon her return, the baby had fallen and was unresponsive. The 5-month-old was subsequently transported to Mountain View Hospital.

At that time, Duran admitted to police that she had used illegal narcotics in the past, but was now sober, according to court records. She claimed that the child's father also used drugs.

Child Protective Services responded to Duran's home several weeks later for a scheduled drug test. Officials then determined that the mother and her 2-year-old son tested positive for meth, according to court records. Police arrested Duran on Thursday.

Neighbors were shocked to hear of the alleged child abuse.

“I haven’t seen nothing going on or anything," said Samuel Olivas, Duran's next-door neighbor. "They’ve had a few parties, and a few cookouts, but that’s it. As far as drugs go... not that I know of."

“I am shocked at what you’re telling me," said Abel Chavarria, who lives across the way. "I would never have thought that was going on with that young lady.”

Aaron Salas, Doña Ana County Office Manager, said Child Protective Services cases involving meth have been more frequent.

"Recently in the past few months, the cases that have come up to the light of the community have been the cases where there’s been kids exposed to methamphetamines," Salas said. "We’ve seen more of that."

Anyone who wishes to report a case to CPS can call #SAFE, or #7233, on their cell phones.

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