Local cyclist recovering from hit-and-run, driver sought by police

EL PASO, Texas - A local bicyclist is recovering from his injuries after being hit by a car that fled the scene.

Brian Metzger is back on his bike, spreading his message. Metzger has bruised ribs, bruised hips and a bruised knee.

He was hit by a car going about 25 miles an hour on Country Club road. The morning ride is routine for this father of three.

He was about to turn onto his street, when a driver tried to go around him and clipped him from behind before speeding off.

Good Samaritans stopped to make sure Metzger was okay.

"It was pretty terrifying and the hardest thing has been not knowing who the driver is. To run somebody down in traffic in the middle of the day and drive away with no recourse is the hardest thing for me to deal with," Metzger said.

There are markings up and down Country Club road in both directions reminding motorists and cyclists to share the road. Brian is hoping his story will really make a difference.

"Coming into the summer months, you're going to have more people out, taking advantage," Metzger said, "Put your cell phones away, plan a litle more and don't be in a rush and give notice and have heightened sense of awareness."

Metzger urges drivers to "plan ahead so you're not rushed, so you can get where you want go. Just enjoy life."

For cyclists, he suggests wearing bright colors, and lights and reflective gear at night.

He's also asking for help to find the driver.

A police report has been filed and Metzger posted a message on Facebook that now has thousands of views.

The car that hit him is described as silver mid to compact-sized, similar to a VW Jetta. If you know anything, call police.

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