Haunted House owner, witness testify in trial of former Bliss soldier accused in constable's death

Devon Huerta-Person on trial

EL PASO, Texas - A trial is underway for a former Fort Bliss soldier accused of Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant, allegedly leading to the death of Constable Robert White Halloween Night 2014.

Devon Huerta-Person faces 5 to 99 years or life in prison, or probation, if convicted.

The prosecution argued Huerta-Person fought with Constable White and hit him, causing him to fall on the ground, which ultimately contributed to his death.

Prosecutor Denise Butterworth called Billy Crossland, the owner of the Terror Trail Haunted House, where White was hired to provide security the night of his death.

Crossland described the night's events, telling jurors a belligerent person in Huerta-Person's group got the whole group kicked out.

During cross examination, defense attorney Adolph Quijano pressed the fact that it wasn't Huerta-Person who got the group kicked out.

Crossland testified that as the group was being led out, he saw White fall to the ground.

"He was just lying there... (I) shook him saying 'are you okay, are you okay,'" Crossland said, adding White didn't respond. "He had blood coming out of his nose."

The defense asked Crossland if he saw what happened before White fell to the ground.

Quijano asked "Did you ever see anyone punch him in the face twice?"

"No," Crossland replied.

"Did you ever see anyone punch him in the face once?" Quijano asked.

"No," Crossland replied.

Prosecutors called Sophie De La Garza, who visited the haunted house with her parents that night, to the stand. De La Garza testified she witnessed the fight between the constable and defendant, saw Huerta-Person hit White, then say, "That's what you get for putting your hands on me."

The defense asked De La Garza if there is a possibility she confused Huerta-Person with the rowdy man who got the group kicked out.

"I saw what I saw," De La Garza said.

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