Family spreads message 20 years after Carly Martinez' murder

Carly Martinez 20th anniversary

EL PASO, Texas - It’s been 20 years since Carly Martinez went missing. The NMSU student was kidnapped, raped, and found murdered.

Today we spoke with her family who hope their message is not forgotten; they want everyone to do what they can and support victims of sexual violence.

“Twenty years ago our family was shaken by the disappearance of our daughter Carly,” said Carlos Martinez, Caly’s father, over the phone Sunday.

Carly Martinez was a NMSU student who went missing  January 15, 1998. She was returning to school after winter break when she disappeared.

“She was abducted, raped, and murdered. We immediately contacted law enforcement,” Mr. Martinez said.

Carly would be missing for two months as her family and police searched. Eventually her own attackers would lead police to where her body was left in the desert. Her attackers are now in prison, where they’re sentenced to more than life in prison. Carly’s family held an annual run for sexual assault victims for the first ten years after her death.

“It was a ten year effort to raise funds for sexual assault victims and we were happy to participate during that time,” Mr. Martinez explained.

Now they have a message: even 20 years later, they hope Carly’s story can help people.

“We can remember Carly by being supportive of the victims of sexual assault. To help them to support them, be a positive force in their lives,” said Mr. Martinez.

Mr. Martinez said he was grateful for the community’s support throughout the years that helped his family get through those horrific times.

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