Ex-NMSU player granted bond in bank-fraud case

Yelder allegedly tried to get loan when indicted

EL PASO - A former NMSU football player accused of bank fraud allegedly tried to obtain a fraudulent loan the day he was indicted, prosecutors said.

Terrance Yelder appeared in federal court, where he was granted bond Monday. He along with six other people are accused of conspiring to defraud 20 financial institutions and providing false information to obtain loans or obtain credit.

U.S. Attorney Debra Kanoff sought to keep Yelder's indictment sealed because she said he allegedly tried to obtain another fraudulent loan on the day he was indicted. But Kanoff unsealed it today and told US Magistrate Judge Robert Castaneda she was okay with Yelder being given a $35,000 bond.

It was revealed Monday that Yelder's mother was providing financial backing for his bond.

As part of his bond, Yelder cannot have any contact with the other defendants, but could and would live with one other defendant, his girlfriend and fiancee Jenzel Nash, with whom he had a child.   

Nash, a UTEP women's basketball player, has since been indefinitely suspended from the team.

Nash, Yelder and Michael and Perla Annabi, both owners of the now closed Chubby's Bronx Deli, along with three others are charged with trying to defraud up 20 banks from 2013 to 2016.

Nash is accused of falsely reporting she earned a monthly salary of more than $2,400 a month for a loan of $14,800 at the Greater El Paso Employees Credit Union in 2014, and again in 2015 at the White Sands Federal Credit Union, where she allegedly falsely reported making $4,600 a month to acquire a loan of more than $40,000.

Six of the seven people involved were released on bail. Yelder was not released until today.

Nash was released on a $35,000 bond last Tuesday.

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