EPPD: ATM service worker stole thousands of dollars from cash machines around El Paso

El PASO, Texas - Police detectives arrested an ATM service worker accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the cash machines. 

Police said Paul Anthony Martinez, 33, allegedly stole more than $4,500 from the ATMs during a three month period beginning June 26, 2017.

An investigator with the company hired to service the ATMs for various financial institutions in El Paso discovered the missing money and reported the thefts to police.

Martinez allegedly stole money in amounts ranging from $250 to $700 from ATMs throughout the city, police said. Affidavits state that Martiniez said the funds were taken due to financial strains that he was having at the time.

Martinez was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility under bonds totaling $19,000. 

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