El Paso man convicted of murdering his mother faces rape charges in Arizona

David Marmolejo trial

PHOENIX, Ariz. - An El Paso man convicted of killing his mother goes on trial in Arizona Thursday for crimes he allegedly committed in Phoenix more than 10 years ago. 

Maricopa County court records show 37-year-old David Marmolejo faces 16 counts of sexual assault, five counts of kidnapping and aggravated assault, four counts of armed robbery and two counts of sexual abuse. 

In March 2006, Marmolejo was arrested in connection with the charges, but denied the allegations. 

The Arizona Republic reported all four victims were prostitutes working on VanBuren Street in Phoenix. 

Each of them reported being raped by a man who had a "Faith" tattoo on his neck, and drove a two-door white Mitsubishi Eclipse.

After a Phoenix detective presented Marmolejo with evidence, he changed his story saying that the prostitutes were upset he didn't pay their full rate. 

In Texas, Marmolejo has already been sentenced to 54 years in prison for slaying his mother, Gloria Huerta, in 2011. 

Her body was found in the Santa Teresa desert in July 2009.

Marmolejo pleaded for help alongside family to find the person responsible for killing his mother. 

Days later, he was a pallbearer at her funeral, then was arrested shortly after. 

Marmolejo is expected to update his plea Sept. 8. 








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