EL DIARIO: 21 killed in Juarez over 48 hour period

JUAREZ, Mexico - At least 31 people were shot in Juarez Wednesday and Thursday, 21 of which died, El Diario de Juarez reports.

Thursday alone, 14 people were killed and another three wounded by gunfire, the paper reports.

The wave of violence has city officials on high alert.  El Diario reports 71 people have been killed in June, the third bloodiest month since the administration of newly-elected mayor Armando Cabada took over City government.

According to the paper, police say the surge in killings is the result of a new "purge" inflicted by members of the "Mexicles" gang. No arrests have been made.

Businessmen and investors are urging city leaders to address the violence, in addition to crimes like extortion.

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