Document: Man forced teen to perform oral sex after buying her potato chips

Allegedly bribed mother, asked her to drop charges

EL PASO, Texas - The man accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl met with the victim and the victim's mother to allegedly persuade them to drop the case, a complaint affidavit obtained by ABC-7 states.

Police investigating the alleged sexual assault arrested 36-year-old Alejandro Figueroa and charged him with "Sexual Assault of a Child" and "Tampering With a Witness."

Figueroa allegedly raped the victim October 31, 2016.

The victim told police she met Figueroa at a hair salon. The girl told police she became friends with Figueroa and the two exchanged messages on Facebook Messenger.

The complaint affidavit states the victim told Figueroa she was home alone and if "he could take her some potato chips." The document further states Figueroa met with the victim at her home to give her the bag of potato chips.

While there, Figueroa allegedly dropped his pants and underwear to his knees and forced the victim to perform oral sex for five minutes, the document states.

Police later met with Figueroa to let him know they were investigating the alleged sexual assault. After the meeting, Figueroa allegedly went to the victim's home, where he spoke with the victim's mother.

The court document states Figueroa asked for forgiveness and told the mother he would "give her half his earnings and anything she wanted if the case was dropped."  Figueroa allegedly wrote in a piece of paper he would "stop all contact with the victim, and that if he did not follow through with his promise, he would be reported to police," the document states.

When detectives conducted a follow up interview with the mother and victim, the woman told police Figueroa had visited their home three times in a single day in an effort to convince them to drop the charges.

While detectives were with the mother and girl, someone knocked on their door. The detectives answered the door and it was allegedly Figueroa.  The detectives asked Figueroa to leave immediately.

Figueroa was arrested Friday, January 20, 2017 and booked into the El Paso County Detention on bonds totaling $150,000.

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