Document details traffic stop that led to arrest of man on most wanted list

EL PASO, Texas - A man on Crime Stoppers of El Paso's most-wanted list was hospitalized after ingesting a "dangerous amount of cocaine" during a traffic stop, state troopers said. 

Matthew Mijares was the passenger in a truck driven by Jeremiah Perez. A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper pulled them over Sunday, January 22, 2017 at about 12:00 am because the pickup's high mounted stop light was defective.

The trooper reported it took Perez a long time to stop the truck. Once Perez pulled over along Horizon Boulevard in Socorro, Texas, the trooper smelled the odor of marijuana eminating from the inside of the pickup, a complaint affidavit states. Perez reportedly gave the trooper permission to search the truck.

When the trooper asked Mijares to identify himself, Mijares allegedly lied about his name and date of birth twice before giving the trooper his real name and admitting he had four felony warrants out for his arrest.

State troopers allegedly noticed a white powdery substance all over the front passenger seat, a clear plastic bag containing traces of a white powdery substance stuffed in between the passenger seat and the center console, and a rolled dollar bill with a "white powdery residue," a court document states.

The complaint affidavit further states troopers could see a white powdery substance in the nostrils of both Perez and Mijarez.

After they were read their Miranda rights, both Perez and Mijares allegedly admitted to being cocaine users.  The white powdery substance recovered from the vehicle allegedly tested positive for cocaine, the complaint affidavit states.

Both men were booked into the El Paso County Jail. Mijares later admitted to ingesting a dangerous amount of cocaine and was rushed to a local hospital, DPS officials said.

Mijares was featured on Crimes Stoppers Most Wanted in December 2016. He was wanted for assault and family violence, and unlawful restraint causing serious bodily injury.

In addition to the felony warrants, Mijares is now charged with tampering with evidence; failure to identify as a fugitive; and possession of a controlled substance. Perez is charged with possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.

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