Desiree Trejo speaks with ABC-7 about brother's murder investigation and latest arrests

Desiree Trejo speaks with ABC-7 about...

Two months after police say Anthony Trejo was murdered and dumped in the desert the investigation is far from over.

ABC-7 spoke with a family member who tells us Trejo didn't deserve to die the way he did and his sister commends El Paso police for the multiple arrests in her brother's murder.

It started in September when officers were serving a unrelated warrant in El Paso's lower valley.

Police along with SWAT team members arrested 33-year-old Roberto Favela and 41-year-old Romuldo Trujillo.

They were accused of killing 33-year-old Anthony Trejo.

"I didn't know my brother was missing," said Trejo's sister, Desiree Trejo, who spoke with ABC-7 during the initial investigation.

Not long after, there was a break in the case and El Paso police were looking for Trejo's body in northeast El Paso.

Around the same time, court documents showed testimony from witnesses saying Trejo was beaten to death with a dumbbell.

ABC-7 spoke with Desiree Trejo by phone --from her home in California.

"It hurt me to know the details and the way he passed away. It brought a lot of hurt to me .. like how can anybody do this to him," Trejo said.

During the course of the investigation, police have made more arrests with people involved in Trejo's death.

Steven Ramirez and Erlinda Lujan have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Forty year old Philip Esker and 52 year old Elvira Maria Navarette have been charged with tampering with evidence.

"I'm happy with the El Paso Police Department because they worked very hard to get these guys and solved my brother's case which they are still investigating but I thought it was going to take years," Trejo said.

Trejo said the murder has changed the lives of those close to her brother.

"My family is taking it hard, all the kids, everyone is, even his friends," Trejo said.

Anthony Trejo is survived by three daughters 11,12 and 6 years old.

Favela and Trujillo remain behind bars on $2 million bonds.

Police continue investigating Trejo's murder.

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