City officers seize estimated $5,000 in illegal fireworks

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - Police officers, firefighters, and codes enforcement personnel confiscated an estimated $5,000 worth of illegal fireworks, LCPD officials said Monday.

Police said the $5,000 worth of illegal fireworks included several varieties prohibited for use or possession within city limits, including aerial and ground audible devices.

The fireworks were purchased in another jurisdiction and brought into Las Cruces, police said. Two citations were issued for the possession or use of illegal fireworks.

Fireworks illegal within city limits include aerial spinners, helicopters, mines, missile-type rockets, Roman candles, shells, stick-type rockets, chasers and firecrackers.

Illegal fireworks confiscated by fire, police and codes enforcement will eventually be turned over for destruction by the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad.

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