Jury sentences man convicted of killing wife to 65 years in prison

Man found guilty of shooting and...

EL PASO, Texas - A jury Thursday found Steven Quinteros Rios guilty of killing his wife back in 2015.

Quinteros shot and killed Blanca Rivera in the head after a heated argument, police said.

Hours later, the same jury sentenced Quinteros to 65 years in prison.

Court documents obtained by ABC-7 at the time state witnesses told police Quinteros punched Rivera in the head and body, put her in a choke hold and continued to beat her, before dragging by the hair, back inside a home.

Witnesses then reported hearing a gun shot.

Neighbors told us back in 2015 the couple's eight-year-old daughter was inside the home at the time.

ABC-7 spoke a friend of the victim. "I'm angry. I want him to apologize and ask for forgiveness. If I hear that, I'll feel better," said Michael Ott.

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