16 arrested in connection with food stamp fraud investigation

EL PASO, Texas - The Texas Department of Public Safety arrested 16 suspects in connection with a food stamp fraud investigation in the El Paso area.

DPS Special Agents focused on subjects and businesses allegedly involved in fraud and abuse of Lone Star Cards utilized by the Texas Electronic Benefit Transfer system.

As a result of 18 arrest warrants, a total of 16 suspects were arrested on Friday and Saturday.

Federal officials say this investigation and prosecution should send a strong zero-tolerance message to those individuals defrauding the taxpayer funded SNAP programs.

The following individuals were arrested during the two day operation and booked in to the El Paso County Jail.

They were each charged with Unauthorized Possession of Food Stamps, a third-degree felony:

  • Maria Arroyo, 24
  • Enrique Castaneda, 62
  • Laura Ginez, 43
  • Yoana Miranda, 36
  • Luz Garcia, 41
  • Sheila Robles, 30
  • Severa Villagrana, 45
  • Eva Martinez, 30
  • Angelita Salazar, 26
  • Rebecca Loya, 45
  • Annette Lerma, 28
  • Sandra Ibarra, 34
  • Maria Martinez, 29
  • Leah Grier, 33
  • Claudia Anguiano, 35

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