90 Day Log: Nearly 70 percent of crimes reported at UTEP remain unsolved

UTEP Crime Stats

EL PASO, Texas - An ABC-7 I-Team review of a recent crime log filed by the University of Texas El Paso Police Department shows nearly 69 percent of cases remain open or unsolved. 

The university keeps a crime log consistent with the Cleary Act requirement of a 90-day period, said UTEP Police Chief Cliff Walsh. Records show there was a crime reported almost every day during the 90-day period.

The results have some students concerned. "If you don't feel safe, you won't be able to learn," said student Nasttassja Medina.

In October, the university had 35 incidents reported. Those reports included sexual assault, assault, burglary of vehicle, criminal trespassing, public intoxication, stalking and theft ranging from more  than $100 to less than $2,500.

 Of those incidents, 18 remain "open" case or unsolved and only seven led to arrests.

November showed a similar trend. The month tallied 26 incidents reported and of those 22 remain "open" and under investigation. Only one incident, a possession of marijuana case, led to an arrest. Crimes reported for the month included: assault, criminal trespass, burglary of a building, burglary of a vehicle, harassment and theft of more than $100 to less than $30,000.

"It wouldn't be right if I lost my laptop and I haven't been given a response in two to three months. I don't think that's right," Medina said.

Walsh wouldn't comment on how many officers are on staff, due to security reason, but said "The university community should know that the department staffing meets the needs of the university."

"If there are issues and scandals that have not been exposed for others to know, that may be something the facility may need to work on," a student said. "Not only to protect its reputation, but to promote safety overall."

National numbers prove UTEP ranks among the safest compared to other schools across the nation.

In 2015, New Mexico State University logged 54 burglaries, doubling UTEP's for that year, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education.

The National Council for Home Safety and Security ranked UTEP 31 out of 2,000 colleges on its safe campus list.

Students ABC-7 spoke with echo the national ranking by saying they do feel safe on campus, especially with the emergency lights and constant patrol of university police.




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