EL DIARIO: 4 men shot and killed in Juarez Monday

Juarez, Mexico -

Four men were killed in Juarez on Monday in a span of eight hours, according to El Diario de Juarez.

The four murders bring the number of killings in June to 49, according to the paper. Police have only identified one of Monday's victims.         

El Diario reports the first victim was identified as Jose Joaquin Marquez Ortiz . The victim was shot and killed as he got into a white Ford Pickup truck. Investigators say he was a former member of "the Zetas" cartel.

The second victim was killed by gunfire inside an abandoned house.

The last two victims, both males, were shot and killed inside a home in south central Juarez

Police have made no arrests in the murders according to a report from the spokesman for the Chihuahua state attorney general's office.

2017 homicides per El Diario de Juarez

January     54

February   87

March        71

April           31

May           45

June 1-26  49

______________________________ _

Total =    337




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