Collin Carroll

Reporter and Weekend Sports Anchor

POSTED: 09:59 AM MST Dec 02, 2013    UPDATED: 01:44 PM MST Feb 05, 2014 

Collin "That's Playable" Carroll is thrilled to live in a place where a golfable January morn isn't considered a miracle.

He hails from Minnesota, where he grew up with his six younger siblings: (inhale) Paddy, Kevin, Preston, Quinn, Lily and Bella (shake inhaler). Yes, his mom should be canonized. No, he's not Catholic. Or Mormon. Though his favorite documentary is about Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign. Runner-up would be Sandy Lyle's "E! True Hollywood Story."

In four years as the starting long snapper on the Virginia Tech football team, Collin amassed 0.5 tackles. He penned a controversial column for ESPN documenting the extravagances of the 2012 Sugar Bowl week -- and soon earned the squad's unofficial "Least Popular" superlative. Collin counts brown-nosing his former teammates during the 2013 Sun Bowl week as his professional rock-bottom. Lower than the time a basketball fan tweeted from the stands that Virginia Tech should replace Collin as the host of halftime contests -- with a kangaroo.

The Medill School of Journalism named Collin a Robert H. Wieder Scholar while he was completing his master's degree. It was during that time that he discovered the true joys of setting obscure broadcast terminology to traditional worship hymns.

A number of brilliant people have shaped Collin's journalism career. The dream came from his dad. The writing from Paul of Tarsus. Delivery (and look) from Bennett Brauer. Photography from the International Man of Mystery. The fact that "It Takes More than Good Looks to Succeed at Television News Reporting" © from Wayne Freedman. The mission to induce tears of joy: Boyd Huppert. (Gilbert Gottfried for tears of annoyance.)

All reporters this side of the Mississippi lie in their bios about enjoying running. Collin does it, but he hates it.

Good luck having a conversation with Collin without him seamlessly integrating a Randy Quaid line or Hall & Oates lyric. He rarely experiences an original thought -- and desperately needs your story ideas.


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