Recovering from LASIK Surgery

POSTED: 01:26 PM MDT Jun 19, 2012 

Your Recovery

After the procedure, your vision will probably be a little blurry at first. But it should clear in a few days. Know that your eye still needs time to heal. During that time, a shield may be placed over your eye to protect the cornea. This shield should be worn according to your doctor's instructions. Your doctor may also give you one or more types of eyedrops to help control pain, prevent infection, and promote healing. Your doctor will give you a schedule for using your eyedrops. To help prevent complications, be sure to follow the schedule exactly.

Tips for Your Recovery

To help get the best results, follow your doctor's instructions. The tips below may help you.



Your Follow-up Visits

After the procedure, your eye doctor regularly checks that your cornea is healing properly. Depending on how your eye heals, a second LASIK treatment (called enhancement) may be needed to bring your vision even closer to normal. In some cases, glasses or contacts may still be needed, but with a much weaker prescription. Your doctor may wait to see the results of your first LASIK before treating your other eye.