Peter Sinsheimer
Pollution Prevention Education and Research Center (PPERC)
Occidental College
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, California 90041-3314
Telephone: (323) 259-1420
Fax: (323) 259-2734

To obtain a copy of the Environment Canada report titled Final Report for the Green Clean Project, contact Ms. Deb Foster at:

Deb Foster
Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention (C2P2)
100 Charlotte Street
Sarnia, Ontario N7T 4R2
Telephone: (519) 337-3423
Fax: (519) 337-3486
Visit the C2P2 web site: Exit Disclaimer

Contact the EPA Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (PPIC) to receive an information packet about EPA's DfE Program 
or the Garment and Textile Care Partnership (GTCP), or to request single copies of DfE Publications List:

EPA's Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (PPIC)
US Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW (7407-T)
Washington, DC 20460-0001
Phone: 202-566-0799
FAX: 202-566-0794