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Albuquerque 911 dispatcher hangs up on caller trying to help teen who was shot

Albuquerque 911 dispatcher resigns after hanging up on caller who was trying to help teen who was shot.

The teen ended up dying.

Highway funding showdown is latest budget scramble at TxDOT

As Congress barrels toward a Friday deadline to fund the nation's highway system, transportation experts across the country are responding to ever-tighter budgets with simple but significant…

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Texas lawmakers set to scrutinize Planned Parenthood

A Texas Senate panel will meet Wednesday to scrutinize Planned Parenthood practices in the aftermath of the release of undercover videos of the abortion provider's executives discussing fetal tissue…

Abandoned puppies

Abandoned puppies left in large commercial trash bin need new home

Animal abandonment is a serious issue that is often ignored or underplayed. That is why your donations are so important to the 22nd Annual Humane Society Save A Life Telethon held August 1st,2015


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Chihuahuas unveil new dog face jersey

This year’s special Chihuahuas dog face jerseys for Bark at the Park have been unveiled.

Good Morning El Paso 07 29 15

Good Morning El Paso: 07.29.15

With Hillary Floren and Stephanie Valle

StormTRACK Weather Wednesday AM

StormTRACK Weather: Wednesday AM

With meteorologist Krystal Klei

CBP Officer Arrested

Prosecutors charge CBP Officer with smuggling immigrants into U.S.

A veteran El Paso Customs and Border Protection supervisor has been arrested and charged with attempted alien smuggling.

Fifty-three-year-old Lawrence Madrid has been working as a supervisor at the…

ABC-7 at 9 on the CW 7 28 15

ABC-7 at 9 on the CW:7.28.15

WIth Bob and Nichole.

UMC Taking Aggressive Action to Address Concerns

El Paso county warns of impending UMC tax hike

The county of El Paso warns a tax increase "most probably will" come due to the mounting debt the El Paso Children's Hospital maintains against the county hospital, University Medical Center.

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