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'Cry baby' and 'brat' among insults city rep hurls at fellow city rep during recording dispute

The El Paso City Council on Tuesday yet again bickered and insulted each other. 

The fight began when City Rep. Cortney Niland accused City Rep. Lily Limon of recording her.


Granddaughter whose call led to arrest in cold case responds to ABC-7

ABC-7 has heard back from the granddaughter of the victim of a decades old cold case murder whose phone call helped lead to an arrest in the unsolved 1970 murder.

That phone call two years ago is what…


Video: City Rep. Noe chastises City Council member over meeting disruption

Video: City Rep. Noe chastises City Council member over meeting disruption. Find out why by watching ABC-7 at 4, 5, and 6

OTD October 19 - Chris Kattan

David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

ABC-7 sits down with SNL comedian Chris Kattan

Chris Kattan became famous as a crew member of Saturday Night Live from 1996-2003

Chris Kattan

David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

Comedian and former SNL star Chris Kattan performs at El Paso Comic Strip Wednesday, Thursday

Saturday Night Live alum, Chris Kattan, is performing at the El Paso Comic Strip comedy club Wednesday and Thursday night.

Kattan's memorable characters on SNL include "Mango" and "Mr. Peepers."

KVIA File Photo

Exploreum children's museum closing its doors permanently Dec. 30

Exploreum, called a "living laboratory" by its organizers, will be closing permanently on Dec. 30, 2015.

Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office searches for man who kidnapped woman, took her on joyride

Dona Ana County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for the man responsible for kidnapping an elderly woman Monday.

OTD December 10 - Playboy


Playboy to eliminate nude photos from the magazine

Playboy to eliminate nude photos from the magazine

Santa Terescould benefit if Sunland Park disincorporates

Another town could benefit if Sunland Park, N.M., disincorporates

A petition filed Oct. 9 by community members to have the City of Sunland Park disincorporated could benefit Santa Teresa.

Health Care Industry Grows in EP

New teaching hospital part of big growth in medical industry

A brand new hospital is taking shape at Resler and Transmountain in northwest El Paso.  The steel structure for the latest Providence hospital campus is already up. When it's completed in January of…

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