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Kevin on 7 - Cowboys Stadium is not the Goal

Every coach’s job is to give its team the best chance to win.  Why then (as ABC Sports Director Danny Mata told me) had Calderon, Melton and Lopez all potentially succumbed to the lure of playing at…

Obama administration policies could affect small businesses

New Obama administration policies could affect small businesses soon

New changes to insurance and overtime policies could have small businesses tightening their budgets.


Ysleta ISD upgrades boardroom for 21st century experience

ABC-7 learned one school district in particular is going all out to make the experience exceptional.


Mother asks not to 'make her son out to be monster' after allegedly killing father

ABC-7 has new information on an El Paso man who allegedly shot and killed his father last weekend.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the 12000 block of Stansbury in Far East El Paso shortly after 11…

ABC-7 at 9 on the CW

ABC-7 at 9 on the CW: 12.1.15

Bob Harp and Nichole Gomez.

Televisa: Pope will visit prison during Juarez visit

Earlier Tuesday, Mexican newspaper Reforma reported the exact date of the pope's visit to Juarez will be February 17, 2016.

Nathan Avalos enters plea deal

Update on home invasion case: Nathan Avalos enters plea deal

ABC-7 has an update on the New Years Day home invasion of MMA fighter Joseph Torrez. On Tuesday, Nathan Avalos entered a plea deal at Dona Ana County District Court. Avalos and three others were…

City of El Paso

El Paso City Council release documents related to ballpark financing, proposal for new financial adviser

El Paso City Council has approved the release of financing documents related to the Downtown baseball stadium.

City Council on Tuesday, Dec. 1 voted to waive their attorney-client privilege and share…

Community remembering Coach Rogers

Community mourns the loss of Centennial Football Coach Roger Grays

The Las Cruces community is remembering the life of Roger Grays. Grays was an assistant football coach at Centennial High School and a physical education teacher at Desert Hills Elementary School. 


City Rep. Romero says he had nothing to gain if former partner was hired by city

City Representative Larry Romero said he had nothing to gain if the City had hired his former business partner, Noe Hinojosa, and had only recommended Hinojosa's company because of its good…

Courtroom in El Paso county

Defense attorneys question constitutionality of pretrial services in county

El Paso County has been working to create new pretrial services in the hopes of cutting down on jail expenses and the number of people in jail who are just awaiting trial. But now as the county gets…

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